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Ordering a cartoon is simple.
Step 1) Just copy the cartoon's title or the entire cartoon for that matter to your clipboard. Click here to email the order: Gary Olsen Cartoons

Step 2) Paste the name of the cartoon you want in the text portion of the email. If your browser doesn't launch an email automatically, just send an email to olsega@mchsi.com and put the name of the cartoon in the subject or the text area.

Step 3) You will then make the transaction through PayPal,and when that transaction clears, I'll send you the printable, high resolution file as an attachment to email.

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Rights and Permissions

Two bucks and you have the rights to publish the cartoon into any printed or electronic project, program or presentation material one time. You must include the following tagline:

© www.garyolsencartoons.com

next to the illustration in whatever it is your are publishing. It just has to be legible. That's all there is to it. You can even copy and paste the above line of text.










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